Water Damage Photo Gallery

Moisture Meter

How to tell when something is dry

A moisture meter is used to tell when the material is still wet from water damage. Sometimes materials may seem dry but the meters will say otherwise. It is in best practice to make sure all materials are dry before removing any equipment.

Ceiling Collapsing

Home Ceiling Collapsing

This home had a terrible flood that caused a roof to collapse and destroy the homes' living room. This job was not an issue for our SERVPRO professionals because we are well diverse in both residential and commercial restoration. 

Five air movers sit over a carpet-less area in a living room.

Quality Equipment, Quality Restoration

SERVPRO invests in the highest quality restoration equipment to ensure your home is restored as if you did it yourself. Air movers, dehumidifiers, even moisture detectors are all on-hand when we visit your home.

Air movers dry a kitchen with a missing ceiling due to water damage.

Let's Get Cooking Again

Piping tends to be arranged all in one area of the house, so it's no surprise that the kitchen can be especially vulnerable to water damage. Surrounding rooms can stop us from be able to use our kitchens. Call us to get yourself cooking again.

A shelf of drying equipment lined up in the garage.

Our Drying Equipment is Ready for Anything

We have more than enough equipment for any size project. Restoration means being ready for anything. No matter the surface area or depth of the water damage, we are prepared to take on your restoration needs. 

Dayton Servpro Truck in front of customers home

SERVPRO Dayton Truck

This is a front of structure photo of our SERVPRO Dayton truck in front of a customer's home. From the outside of this home it looks like everything is perfect and in place, what really was happening was a severe basement flood that took three days to dry.