Commercial Photo Gallery

An office space with exposed tile due to water damage that ruined the carpet.

Offices Are Also Susceptible to Water Damage

More often than not, water damage seems like a homeowner's issue. In the home there are more opportunities for water damage to occur. Showers, baths, windows, and appliances are all used more often in a home. However, offices and buildings are just as susceptible to water damage. In this office, for instance, water damage brought working to a halt as the furniture had to be moved for restoration. 

The remains of an apartment building that suffered from large amounts of fire damage.

Fire Destruction in Apartment Building

Fire restoration is not limited to family homes. We received a job from an apartment complex that suffered from particularly bad fire damage. One of the differences with commercial fire damage like an apartment building is that many more people are displaced from their homes. We had to create a strategy to quickly repair the damage and restore the building. 

A ceiling of a school's office with missing ceiling tiles due to water damage.

Restoring an Office Space

A school's office had water damage that took away valuable time. We restored the ceiling's water damage, as well as the floor. 

The rebuilding of a once fire damaged apartment building.

An Apartment Building Rebuilt From Fire Damage

We helped an apartment complex after a particular destructive fire. In order to return the tenants to their homes quickly, we created used our professional fire restoration strategy to rebuild the complex from the ground up.

The drywall in an office has been removed, showing the interior wood beams.

Has Your Office Looked Like This?

This is no environment for success. If your office has ever looked like this for far longer than necessary, it's time to look for a restoration professional that understands how important a clean and furnished space is for your office.

A dehumidifier between office tables in a water damaged office.

Your Need Your Space

Water damage takes up valuable time for your business. We get it. That's why our commercial services incorporate flexible plans that ensure we move as quickly as possible. You should be back to working in no time.

Beneath the flooring of a building, beside air vents, air movers are lined up on a tarp.

Directly Attacking the Source

Sometimes water damage comes from places reachable past drywall and sometimes they're places we wouldn't have found without professional help. In instances like this, we'll get into hard to reach spaces to ensure quality drying and avoid further damage.

Two air movers sit in a restroom with its floor removed from water damage.

No Matter How Small the Space

We often boast about our ability to cover large surface areas of water damage, but what about the tight spaces? The bathrooms, closets, and other places where water damage may get? We create flexible plans of action to make sure nothing gets past us.