Fire Damage Photo Gallery

A home with a roof that has experienced fire damage, exposing the interior of the home.

Home Fire in Ohio

This home experienced a fire that burnt a majority of the roof. We were called to help get rid of fire damage. Fires are a more common issue than most homeowners know, which is why they can happen unexpectedly. This fire was a particularly bad one, revealing the interior of the home through the roof.

Window Boarding After Fire

Why Is it important to Board Up Windows After A Fire?

After a fire, there is still part of the house that can be saved. Our SERVPRO professionals know that it is important to board up windows to protect the home from other outside elements. 

Terrible fire damage

House Fire in Miamisburg Ohio

The house fire in Miamisburg Ohio looked like a scene out of a movie. What happened was that a wall heating unit caught a couch on fire and set half the house on fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire. 

Two stove top flames lightly lit on a kitchen stove.

Set Reminders if Need Be

If you have difficulty remembering to turn off your stove, unplug your appliances, or anything else relating to fire safety, set a reminder! Most smart phones offer apps that can remind us after a set amount of time of anything. Use this to keep your home safe!

A hand is plugging a cord into an electrical outlet on a table.

Use Your Appliances Safely

There are many horror stories of outlets catching fire and heat-generating appliances starting fires. These stories inform us of the importance of knowing how to use our appliances, as well as keeping them out of the hands of children.

Cardboard is burning from a controlled fire.

Remember What is Flammable in Your Home

While we know that fire can easily spread through household objects, but it's important to know what exactly these items may be. That way we can keep them away from outlets and fireplaces.

A fireplace with a bright orange fire illuminating in it.

Keep Warm and Keep Safe This Winter

Do you know what danger your fireplace poses? Make sure to keep your home safe by preventing ashes from falling out, by using safe fire equipment, and keeping flammable objects away from the fireplace.