Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Water damage along the edge of the carpet and wall.

Water Damage Where Wall Meets Carpet

This water damage restoration project that we did had water damage in both the carpet and wall. This caused double the trouble, but we were able to restore both at the same time due to our state of the art equipment.

Water damage causing paint on the wall to peel off around the fire place.

Water Damage by the Fireplace

We restored the water damage that had run through the wall, along the side of the fireplace. Because the water damage caused the paint to peel off, we had to restore the entire wall in that area.

An office with part of the ceiling cracked apart on the desk and floor.

Productivity Paused Due to Damage?

Not being able to do work isn't much of a vacation when it's due to damage. In order to get back to work as soon as possible, make sure to alert a restoration professional when something gets in the way of productivity at your desk.

A bare roof in the process of being repaired with trees in the background.


There isn't much time to keep a roof without the necessary protection to avoid further water damage. When storm damage leaves your home weak, call us to see how we can help you protect your belongings.

Tarp covering one side of a home that is missing a part of the wall.

How Long Until You Return Home?

Storms can displace families for far too long, causing stress due to money and resources being drained. We don't want our clients away from home longer than necessary, so fast and efficient work is a value of ours.

Above the fireplace in an empty living room, the entire wall has been destroyed, exposing the outside.

Storm Damage Threatening Your Safety

Sometimes storms cause water damage through leaks and floods, and sometimes that damage threatens the safety of your home. This client had a missing wall in their living room. We worked to put them back into their safe, warm home.