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Roof Hail Damage: Take These 5 Simple Steps After It Happens

11/13/2023 (Permalink)

Roof hail damage to a Dayton property. The professionals at SERVPRO understand the importance of quickly addressing roof hail damage.

Roof hail damage can cause severe structural issues when left unaddressed.

Hailstorms are among nature’s most potent forces, transforming ice into projectiles that can wreak havoc on the integrity of a home, particularly the roof. When a violent hailstorm struck Beavercreek, Ohio, residents were left grappling with the aftermath of weather-inflicted property damage. 

The following blog post will cover everything you need about roof hail damage and how our SERVPRO® team in Dayton responds to homes battered by nature’s fury.

How can you tell if a roof is hail-damaged?

After any hailstorm, the most pressing concern for homeowners is determining the extent of the damage inflicted on their roofs. Roof hail damage often manifests in several forms—from noticeable indentations and cracks to less visible granule loss on asphalt shingles.

Following the mentioned storm in Beavercreek, homeowners quickly noticed the dents on their siding and gutters, a primary indication of the potential damage to their rooftops. Our SERVPRO team conducted a thorough assessment upon their arrival, revealing visible dents and depressions on the shingles and soft spots—much like a bruise on an apple—signaling severe damage underneath.

Should a roof be replaced after hail damage?

Deciding whether to replace a roof after hail damage depends on the severity of the damage. For some, a total replacement is necessary to maintain the roof’s structural integrity, while others may only require repairs to specific sections. 

After the recent Beavercreek hail storm, the SERVPRO professionals evaluated the extent of the hail damage using industry-leading techniques and tools. The damage was significant, with a compromised waterproof barrier, which necessitated repairs and a complete roof overhaul. A timely intervention prevented potential long-term issues, such as water leaks or insulation problems, which could have led to more extensive damage inside the home.

Will insurance pay for hail damage?

Insurance coverage is a common and critical question for homeowners. Typically, home insurance policies cover the damage caused by hail. However, the insurance claims process can be intricate and demands precise documentation. 

The homeowners in Beavercreek faced the daunting task of insurance paperwork following the hail damage. SERVPRO professionals provided comprehensive damage documentation, a critical service that streamlined the insurance claim process. The detailed records and photographic evidence supplied by the SERVPRO team ensured that the homeowners could present a solid case for their insurance providers, leading to justified coverage for their loss.

What are the immediate steps to take following roof hail damage?

Immediate action is vital to prevent further damage after a hailstorm. Here’s what SERVPRO did in Beavercreek:

  1. Assessment: Our team arrived promptly to conduct an exhaustive evaluation, identifying all areas of damage.
  2. Protection: We secured the compromised roof areas with tarps to shield the interior from water damage.
  3. Water Removal: Using powerful pumps and vacuums, we extracted water that had started to leak into the property.
  4. Drying: Industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers were employed to ensure the property was thoroughly dried.
  5. Restoration: Damaged materials were removed and replaced, and the entire roof was restored to a condition that met or exceeded its original integrity.

Why is it crucial to have professionals address hail damage immediately?

Hail damage is insidious and can escalate if not promptly and adequately addressed. Quick, professional intervention is necessary to mitigate immediate water damage and to prevent long-term structural issues. SERVPRO’s team of experts specializes in direct response and takes proactive steps to avoid the aggravation of hail damage. In Beavercreek, our intervention saved the roof and interior from potential mold growth and structural weakness.

Why choose SERVPRO for roof hail damage cleanup?

When confronting the chaos of roof hail damage, choosing the right storm damage professionals can mean the difference between a quick return to normalcy and prolonged, expensive restoration. Here’s why SERVPRO stands out:

  • Expertise and experience: With in-depth knowledge of the construction and restoration processes, SERVPRO experts bring a wealth of experience to every project.
  • Swift response: SERVPRO understands the urgency of hail damage, ensuring a prompt and efficient response to prevent further damage.
  • Insurance liaison: We simplify the complexities of the claims process, working directly with insurance companies to ease homeowners’ burdens.
  • Comprehensive solutions: From initial damage assessment to final touches in restoration, SERVPRO provides a full spectrum of services to bring your property back to pre-storm conditions.

What recently happened in Beavercreek is a testament to SERVPRO’s commitment to restoring each property with precision and care, turning overcast post-storm worries into a silver lining. Choosing SERVPRO for roof hail damage cleanup ensures a robust, reliable, and resilient return to safety and comfort.

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