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4 Powerful Firework Safety Tips to Prevent Property Damage

5/29/2023 (Permalink)

Fireworks being let off near a Dayton residential property The professionals at SERVPRO are available when firework fire damage occurs.

Institute these firework safety tips and prevent unwanted damage! 

Fireworks are a staple of celebrations in the United States. From Memorial Day to the Fourth of July, fireworks light up the night sky and bring joy to millions of people. However, fireworks also pose a significant threat of property damage or injury when improperly handled. 

With fireworks season descending upon us, we must take the necessary precautions to ensure firework safety and prevent fire damage. This blog post will discuss four firework safety tips to keep your property safe and how SERVPRO can help if fire damage occurs.

Common property damages caused by fireworks

Fireworks can cause a wide range of property damage if not handled properly. Some typical damage caused by fireworks includes structural fires, burns, and property destruction. For example, fireworks can ignite flammable materials such as dry grass, wood, and paper, causing fires that can quickly spread to nearby structures. Additionally, the heat and sparks from fireworks can cause burns or melt siding, shingles, and other materials on homes and buildings. In some cases, fireworks can even shatter windows, damage roofs, and cause further structural damage. Therefore, taking the necessary precautions to prevent these types of property damage and ensure firework safety is essential.

4 firework safety tips from SERVPRO

Now that you know the damage that fireworks can cause, let’s discuss the steps that prevent them from happening. The professionals at SERVPRO have compiled a list of four firework safety tips to help keep you and your property safe.

Tip 1: Know the laws and regulations

Before lighting fireworks, you must know your area’s laws and regulations. Each state and local jurisdiction has rules regarding the use of fireworks, including when and where they are allowed. Ignoring these laws can result in fines, injuries, and property damage.

In addition to knowing the laws, purchasing fireworks from reputable sources is essential. Avoid buying fireworks from street vendors or unlicensed dealers, as these products are often of lower quality and can be dangerous.

Tip 2: Prepare for fireworks safety

Preparation is vital for preventing property damage and injuries from fireworks. Before lighting fireworks, prepare the area where they will be set off. Clear any debris or flammable materials from the site and ensure a clear path for people to move away from the fireworks.

It is also essential to have a bucket of water or a garden hose nearby in case of an accident. In the event of a fire, having a way to extinguish the flames quickly can prevent significant damage.

Tip 3: Follow firework safety guidelines

When lighting fireworks, it is crucial to follow all safety guidelines:

  • Only light one firework at a time and move away quickly.
  • Never point or throw fireworks at another person, animal, or property.
  • Keep a safe distance from fireworks and never lean over them.
  • Wear eye protection and avoid wearing loose clothing.
  • Never try to relight a “dud” firework.

Following these guidelines can reduce the risk of firework-related property damage and injuries.

Tip 4: Take extra precautions

If you live in dry or windy areas, take extra precautions when using fireworks. These conditions can increase the fire risk and make spreading flames easier. In these situations, it is best to avoid using fireworks altogether.

Additionally, if you have pets, take precautions to keep them safe. The loud noises and bright lights from fireworks can be frightening for animals, causing them to run away or injure themselves. Keep pets indoors during firework displays and provide a safe, quiet space.

How SERVPRO can help when fire damage occurs

Accidents and property damage can occur even with the best firework safety precautions. However, if your property does experience fire damage from fireworks, SERVPRO can help. Our team of professionals has the experience, equipment, and expertise to restore your property quickly and efficiently.

At SERVPRO, we understand that every fire damage situation is unique, and we work with you to develop a customized plan to meet your needs. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to emergencies and provide fast, reliable service. We also work closely with insurance companies to make the claims process as smooth as possible. Contact us today for emergency fire damage services or any questions about fire damage restoration.

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