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Extension Cord Fire: 5 Tips for Optimal Safety

3/27/2023 (Permalink)

An extension cord properly wrapped to avoid fire damage. SERVPRO professionals are known for their fast services when it comes to fire cleanup.

An extension cord fire can strike at a moment's notice. 

Extension cord fires can be a severe hazard, potentially leading to extensive property damage. The professionals at SERVPRO of East and South Dayton know that it is essential that people take the necessary precautions when using extension cords to avoid an extension cord fire. 

This article will examine five tips for optimal safety when avoiding extension cord fires. We'll discuss topics such as choosing the right extension cords for the job, checking for frayed wires or damaged insulation on extension cords before using them, using extension cords with built-in overload protection, and more. By following these tips and examples provided throughout this article, you can help prevent extension cord fires from occurring in your home or workplace.

Who is susceptible to an extension cord fire?

When it comes to extension cord fires, anyone who uses extension cords is at risk. Whether you're a homeowner looking to power some extra lights for holiday decorations or a construction worker needing to power multiple tools on-site, extension cord fires can happen in any situation. It's essential to know extension cord fire safety and to remember that extension cords are not intended for permanent use—only use them temporarily and unplug them from the outlet when not in use.

SERVPRO's tips to avoid an extension cord fire

Not a single extension cord fire is 100% preventable, but people can take a few steps to lower their risks of extension cord fires. Here are five tips from SERVPRO of East and South Dayton to help you avoid extension cord fires: 

  1. Select the proper extension cords for the job: Make sure you use an extension cord designed for the job you are trying to accomplish. Some extension cords are rated for outdoor use, while others are only suitable for indoor use. Additionally, extension cords come in different wattage ratings – make sure the extension cord you select can handle the wattage of whatever device or appliance it will be powering. 
  2. Check extension cords before use: Always check them for frayed wires or damaged insulation. An extension cord should not be used and requires replacement if it has any visible signs of damage. 
  3. Use extension cords with built-in overload protection: Extension cords equipped with built-in overload protection are designed to prevent extension cord fires from occurring. These extension cords are more expensive than traditional ones, but they can be well worth the investment for safety and peace of mind. 
  4. Avoid overloading extension cords: It's important to never overload an extension cord by plugging in too many devices or appliances at once. Overloading could cause the extension cord to overheat, potentially resulting in a fire. If you need to power multiple devices, use two extension cords or a power strip for added safety. 
  5. Unplug extension cords when not in use: Extension cords must be unplugged from outlets when they are not in use. Not only will this help prevent extension cord fires, but it can also help save energy and money in the long run. 

What to do after an extension cord fire outbreak?

As mentioned, extension cord fires can be severe and cause extensive property damage if left unchecked. Therefore, when you experience an extension cord fire in your home or workplace, turn off the power to the circuit affected by the fire, leave the area immediately, and call 911. 

After the fire is put out, the extension cord fire damage should always be handled by a professional fire restoration company with the capability and experience to restore your property correctly. Things to consider when choosing the right fire restoration company:

  • Ensure that the fire restoration company is certified, insured, and bonded.
  • Ensure that they are available 24/7.
  • Look at references from their recent customers.
  • Ensure they can adequately perform insurance estimates.

SERVPRO's extension cord fire restoration services

The professionals at SERVPRO of East and South Dayton are available 24/7 to help you with any extension cord fire restoration needs. We have the expertise to handle all types of electrical fires and smoke and soot damage caused by fire. Our team will work quickly to assess the damage and take any necessary steps to restore your property to its pre-fire condition. 

We understand how devastating a fire can be and are here to help you throughout the process. Contact us today if you have experienced an extension cord fire in your home or workplace.

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