Recent Before & After Photos

Best Restoration Equipment Out There

The equipment that we have stocked helps us restore water damage as quickly as we can. This home experienced water damage in the kitchen floor. We set up our de... READ MORE

School That Needed Storm Help

A local school called us after some water damage stopped regular school schedule from going on. We repaired the roof, some classrooms, and the bathroom as well.... READ MORE

Water Damage in Renovated Basement

When you put time and money into renovating your basement, experiencing water damage in it can be tough. Fortunately for this homeowner, we were able to repair ... READ MORE

Completely Soaked Kitchen Floor

This kitchen floor was completely soaked when we arrived. It even went under the oven and cabinets, which wasn't safe at all. We restored the water damage and m... READ MORE

Fireplace Completely Renovated

The fire damage that occurred in this home's fireplace led to the renovation of the fireplace. Once we were done removing the fire damage and restoring the site... READ MORE

Ceiling Damage Repaired Like New

A stressed homeowner called us with a water damage issue. While water damage issues are common for homeowners, when it happens in the ceiling it can be scary. T... READ MORE

Plumbing Leaked Through Ceiling

When we arrived to the scene of a local home we found that the ceiling was drooping down. This was caused by heavy water damage from plumbing issues between the... READ MORE

Xenia mold storm damage repair

In 2019 a storm that passed through the small town of Xenia, Ohio caused a house to get mold. The homeowners made their first mistake by hiring another restorat... READ MORE

Child's attic room repaired after terrible storm in Beavercreek

It looked like a scene from a movie, a tornado came through Beavercreek, Ohio and destroyed the room that belonged to an eight-year-old girl. She was fortunate ... READ MORE

Storm Damage Garage Reapir In Fairborn Ohio

This storm damage repair job was the first of its kind. As shown, you can see that a tornado came through Fairborn, Ohio and took the door right off the garage.... READ MORE